Observatory Construction: Afterwards

Although my observatory was ready to use as of June 17, 2009, there were numerous tasks still pending that I did myself. Some of these were anticipated, and some were unexpected. I mention these to provide a heads-up to those readers who may be contemplating a project such as mine. Below is a partial list. Note that tasks 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 were required to address mistakes/omissions in the workmanship provided by Backyard Observatories (see review).

1. Paint bare cedar trim boards (anticipated). Completed summer 2009.

2. Furnish warm room (anticipated). Completed summer 2009.

3. Purchase and install composting toilet (anticipated). Completed summer 2009.

4. Caulk around windows and doors (unexpected). Completed summer 2009. (Backyard Observatories did not do this, and water entered the warm room during a brief squall.)

5. Install metal flashing on north and south sides of building for further protection against water entry (unexpected). Completed summer 2009.

6. Install 25 0.5" bolts to repair inadequate fastening of roof rail support 2"x6" sandwich. Widen V cutout on roof to address squeeling noise during roof movement (unexpected). Completed summer 2009.

7. Caulk interface of building siding and concrete slab in some areas (unexpected). Completed summer 2009.

8. Purchase and install window blinds (anticipated). Completed summer 2009.

9. Organize and remove large construction debris pile (unexpected). Completed summer 2009.

10. Apply oil finish to wood paneling (anticipated). Completed summer 2009.

11. Paint all treated lumber used for roof rail support system and other trim boards (anticipated). Completed summer 2010.

There were numerous other miscellaneous tasks, of course, but I will conclude the list here. Since my observatory is in a remote location, with no hardware store nearby, extra preparation is required for any task. Careful planning and anticipation of the necessary materials and tools is a routine component of all trips to Zephyr Ridge Observatory.

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